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I felt as though I was re-grafting and reclaiming the true presence and life of the person from the lifeless plastic armature. This symbolizes the regeneration and renewal of this person’s life.” Matt Dehaemers, mask artist


Because they shouldn’t have to choose between paying for groceries and paying for a prescription…

We know that far too many head and neck cancer patients face financial challenges that are just as overwhelming as the medical challenges. We realize that many patients do not have the financial means to afford the therapies, treatments, and equipment that can make a difference in their recovery and quality of living. And, we understand that there are few places to turn for help.

Helping patients live life fully, during and after treatment …

HNC Living Foundation was founded in Kansas City, MO in 2013 by a head and neck cancer survivor and her husband with the specific purpose to be a resource for financial assistance for head and neck cancer patients. We provide grants to nonprofit organizations, hospitals, and cancer centers that, in turn, provide support to individuals in need.

Providing help in your community…

Our promise is that money raised in any community will be granted back to assist patients in need in that community. We’ve created a fundraising event that has raised more than $1.2 million in three years in Kansas City, allowing us to grant out nearly $445,000 to Kansas City area hospitals and nonprofit organizations. We are supporting programs that provide nutritional supplements, dental services, prescription assistance, at-home medical supplies, and much more.


MASKS for AID is the signature fundraising event for HNC Living Foundation. The event incorporates the visual, performing and culinary arts to inspire and entertain guests. It is like no other event (no sit-down dinner or maze of silent auction items!)  The primary elements of the event are:

  • An original production, created and performed by nationally recognized Quixotic, showcasing dance, music, and visual effects. See a sample of the performance here.
  • One-of-a-kind works of art created from patients’ radiation masks.

MASKS for AID was designed with the ability and flexibility to be produced in any city or venue. Bringing MASKS for AID to your community means that the funds raised through the event remain in your community to benefit your head and neck cancer patients. HNC Living provides event management services, back office support, and all the materials needed for sponsorship recruitment and fundraising. A community interested in a MASKS for AID event needs to identify community leaders or a supporting organization that will recruit and form the volunteer event committee. This committee is tasked with identifying and soliciting organizations and individuals who will support the event through sponsorship, donations and/or tickets purchases.

Contact us

If you are interested in talking about MASKS for AID in your community, please email Chris Uithoven, Executive Director or call 913-402-6028.