You shouldn’t have to choose between paying for your groceries or paying for your prescription.

We know far too many head and neck cancer patients face financial challenges that are as overwhelming as the medical challenges. Things that can make a huge difference in their recovery and quality of life – therapies, treatments, equipment – are out of reach. There are few places to turn for help. HNC Living Foundation is here to change all that.

We help patients live life fully, during and after treatment.

HNC Living Foundation was founded in Kansas City, MO in 2013 by a head and neck cancer survivor and her husband. They had a very specific purpose: be a resource for financial aid for head and neck cancer patients. Today, they provide grants to organizations who provide support to individuals in need.

Some of the services we help to support:

Voices of Survivors

This documentary follows the path of six head and neck cancer patients from diagnosis through the aftermath of treatments. Through their stories, you’ll learn how this devastating disease changes a person’s life forever.

Please forward this video to a friend, and consider helping us help head and neck cancer patients live life fully, during and after treatments, through a donation.