Delta Dental of Kansas announces $250,000 grant to support HNC Living programs for head and neck cancer patients

We often take for granted how important everyday things are in our lives – talking, chewing, eating and smiling.  For the more than 65,000 men and women in the United States who will be diagnosed with head and neck cancer this year, these simple tasks can become a daunting challenge.  For many of these patients, the financial challenges they face are as overwhelming as the cancer itself.  Therapies, treatments, equipment, which make a major difference in recovery and quality of life for head and neck cancer patients, are frequently not covered by health insurance and often can be out of the financial reach for many patients.

Delta Dental of Kansas and HNC Living Foundation, a national resource for financial assistance for head and neck cancer patients based in Overland Park, KS, want to ease that burden.  Today they announced a $250,000 grant from Delta Dental of Kansas to be administered by HNC Living to provide financial support for Kansas residents in treatment and recovering from head and neck cancer.

“Our mission is to improve the oral health of Kansans,” said Michael J. Herbert, President and CEO, Delta Dental of Kansas. “Head and neck cancer is one of the fastest growing cancers in the United States.  Its treatment is grueling and a positive outcome is the result of a patient receiving appropriate therapies and treatment, often over several years. This grant will address a significant need and improve the lives of oral cancer patients throughout Kansas and the Kansas City area.”

“HNC Living is the premier resource of oral cancer patients and we are pleased to partner with them on serving the needs of Kansans.  It is truly an organization that is making a difference in our community.”

The $250,000 grant marks the largest donation received by HNC Living.

The HNC Living Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing assistance for head and neck cancer patients to improve their treatment, recovery, and quality of life. The foundation was formed in 2013 by Tom and Teresa Walsh after Teresa was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma in her jawbone. After experiencing the physical, financial, and emotional challenges of head and neck cancer firsthand and witnessing the difficulties experienced by other patients, the Walsh’s were inspired to form the HNC Living Foundation.

“We are grateful for the support of Delta Dental of Kansas,” said Tom and Teresa Walsh, the founders and chairs of HNC Living.  “Through its generosity, we will be able to help more head and neck cancer patients in need.  Our mission is to help head and neck cancer patients live life fully.  This grant enables us to make it happen.”

Since 2015, HNC Living has awarded nearly $1 million in grants that have aided more than 1,250 head and neck cancer patients.

Among the services HNC Living supports:

  • Dental services including restorative dentures and dental care, before and after cancer treatment
  • Patient services including prescriptions, traditional and complementary therapies, nutritional supplements and medical supplies
  • Transportation assistance, lodging and food as a result of travel for treatment

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