HNC Living Foundation’s MASKS for AID is Cancelled

Much has changed in the past weeks, and continues to change daily. At HNC Living Foundation we sincerely hope you, your family and friends are safe and healthy while dealing with the Coronavirus pandemic.
We are writing today to let you know that for concern and wellbeing of the community, we are officially canceling this year’s physical event, MASKS for AID: Connected 2020.   

This year’s theme, Connected, seems even more important now than ever before.  We hope you will continue to stay connected with us and more importantly, the head and neck cancer patients we support. The global pandemic is difficult for everyone, but for people already affected by cancer, it can be devastating. At HNC Living Foundation, our mission is to connect the vulnerable population of head and neck cancer patients to the care and support they desperately need. This crisis will push us to meet the needs of a record number of patients struggling financially. 
We are grateful for the sponsors and supporters who have remained committed to their fiscal support of MASKS for AID, knowing that every dollar raised goes directly to patients in need.  Although MASKS for AID is canceled, the need for your support is greater than ever. In years past we have raised over $400,000 at this event, with approximately $100,000 raised at the event through our Fund-A-Need program. We ask you to consider donating here.